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Luís Martins

Since 1995 working in shipbuilding and repair, Luís Martins started as a painter and blaster in his fathers company, OGM in PORTUGAL. After 2005 left OGM and started working as a Freelancer Paint Inspector with SigmaKalon Paints (PPG) around the world. Made some Tank Coatings but almost all projects was Dry Dockings/Hull projects. Worked with them almost 2 years. After, was invited to work with APC Marineline, is first inspection work in 1998. Made only Cargo Tanks/New Buildings mostly in Turkey, China and South Korea. His last project was in Netherland as a Paint Manager in a construction of a IGGC Power Plant. Now is in Germany for a FPSO conversion project. 18 years of experience as Painter, Blaster, Coordinator, Manager and Survey Jobs.


​​ “Luís Martins is a highly experienced coating inspector. His skills and knowledge will help any project for a better result.”​

Ana Maria Rocha Fernandes, Consultora de Conteúdo Nacional e Local Projeto P-55LH

“1. Very experienced with tank coating work, including surface preparation, coating application;
 2. Strict with his work and working hard;
 3. Good professional ethic and personal principle”​

Daniel Liu, Technical Inspection Manager (China region) at Advanced Polymer Coatings Inc.​​

"O Luís foi meu colega no colégio católico que frequentámos desde a infância até à juventude. Trata-se de uma pessoa com uma boa formação humana, dispondo ainda de uma boa capacidade de organização pessoal que se traduz na preparação de todas as tarefas que desempenha. Sendo um rapaz determinado consegue sempre atingir os seus propósitos porque é persistente e ambicioso. Mais do que um bom colega tornou-se um bom amigo"

Claudia Louzada, Advogada - Autarca